Celebrate your divine inspiration!  Feel successful and relevant because Jesus makes you that way.  You are the church of today for tomorrow, not just the church of tomorrow!

Temptation VS Sin

Here are some differences between Temptation and Sin:

Temptation makes you THINK you have done wrong. Sin: you HAVE done wrong.

Temptation screams in your MIND. Sin screams in your BODY.

Temptation needs RESISTANCE. Sin needs REMITTANCE.

Temptation: You'll never be free of it. Sin: You can live a SIN-FREE life.

Temptation makes you FEEL weak before God. Sin MAKES you weak before God.

Tmeptation is a TEST OF FAITH. Sin means you have FAILED the test.

Temptation leads you to a wrong decision. Sin means you have already made it.

There is no life free from temptation, but you can overcome it. God has made a way of escape that you may be able to bear it. But, if you cave in and commit a sin, God has also made a remedy for that.

Realize you are being tempted and you can defeat it. Repent from sin and you can defeat that too! We can live in Victory thru the blood of Jesus Christ!

God Bless you,

Elder Mark

Old Problems/New Opportunities

While you plant during the eighth year, you will eat from the old crop and will continue to eat from it until the harvest of the ninth year comes in. LEV. 25:22

Friends, with Christmas season coming to a close and the New Year looming upon us, it behooves us to take a moment to consider RESOLUTION. Are we are resolute in our stand for Christ and resolved to digging deeper into the stores of blessings past to find what we need for the coming trials of 2011?

In the scripture above you find an answer for meeting the challenges that lay ahead. But it all revolves around your previous harvest. It all hinges on what kind of harvest you reaped from 2009 and 2010. In walking with the Lord it is our job to sow seeds of revelation, revival, healing, hope, and happiness. It is also however, our job to collect (reap) that which we sow. In understanding that does it become clear why some of us have had such meager victories, or enjoy such spartan glories and joy in the Lord this year?

We urge you today - examine your harvest. Look at the blessings you pulled in this year through your obedience in Jesus and his Word. Can you recall the blessings needed to remind you in this coming year that you have already had the seeds of victory sown, and have already reaped a harvest of faith? If not, if you are "picking low cotton" (a meager harvest), perhaps you should resolve to sow greater faith seeds than ever before. Let 2011 be the year of revival for your harvest. Build stores in your heart that will carry you through the tough times, and feed others in theirs. Let them be blessed through your faith and favor so that they, too, will want to sow seeds and reap a harvest of blessing. Be encouraged to know that if God brought you through 2010 in spiritual favor and victory, 2011 is no different and you can eat of your past victories while sowing seeds for future ones too!

In Love,

Elder Mark and Sister Dana

The Salmon

Ezekiel 34 "...Woe be to the shepherds... the diseased you have not strengthened, neither have you healed that which was sick, neither have you bound up that which was broken, neither have you brought again that which was driven away, neither have you sought that which was lost..."  Lord have mercy and forgive us for not doing our job; forgive me.  Do we see like Jesus saw - people "scattered as sheep having no shepherd"?  We have a tremendous privilege to know the truth that so many are hungry for... the question is are we being faithful to God's appointments on a day to day basis?  It's not in the "some day I'll be... (in a place of influence, 'ready', etc.)" that God is glorified, but in the every day opportunities we have to shine the light of God's love into darkness, plant seeds of His word into broken lives, and BE witnesses.  I recently watched some footage of salmon swimming against the flow to get upstream... hurling their bodies up waterfalls against insurmountable obstacles; overcoming anything that stood in their way to reach their breeding place.  It truly is amazing to see.  What an analogy for our christian life - it is a continual walk; a battle with no discharge; a relentless pursuit of our goal!  We have opportunities every day that God has afforded us and we have to fight against the "norm" and what's "politically correct" to reach those who are in our lives.  Don't have an identity crisis!  You are a child of the King!  Everything else is a "cover"; you are an ambassador!  Sent to that job; commissioned to be in that neighborhood; on a special mission at that school!  Remember your first role; everything else springs from that.  Lord help us to see people as you do; to recognize opportunities presented to us to reach out; to be sensitive to your Spirit's leading to make the gospel known as we should.  In Jesus' name, Amen


Thy shoes [shall be] iron and brass; and as thy days, [so shall] thy strength [be]. Deuteronomy 33:25


We are in perilous times. Times it can seem like (or simply be) where our family is abandoning us, our friends ridicule us, our companions don't understand us. Sometimes it seems we are just plodding through mud, dragging ourselves from church meeting to church meeting. It can seem as though we are standing alone. Having heard from so many of you we know this to be true. But we will tell you this: YOUR SHOES ARE IRON AND BRASS. The enemy you walk on is being CRUSHED under the weight of the God that is within you! What you are walking through is being kept from touching you by the STRENGTH of the covering on your feet!

Your feet are shod with the preparation of the Gospel of peace! Your days may seem hard but your strength is great enough to carry you over the muddy trails, to keep the filth of sin from sticking to your spirit. YOU CAN MAKE IT! God is your GOD and he is THE MOST HIGH GOD. As you walk, learn that you do not need to tenderly place your steps, or be afraid of what is hidden in the murky situation. Clarity and strength of character are going to hold you to him through his own Spirit and YOU WILL COME OUT ON TOP, CLEAN and HOLY.

Be encouraged today to know that God is aware and alive IN your situation and YOUR SHOES ARE TOO STRONG FOR THE ENEMY TO PENETRATE!

In Love,

Elder Mark and Sister Dana