Youth Camp

Objection: Overruled!

But now we are delivered from the law, that being dead wherein we were held; that we should serve in newness of spirit, and not [in] the oldness of the letter. Rom. 7:6

Friends, everyone of us walk around with a filing cabinet in our lives. This cabinet is a recipient of every memory we possess and houses everything we did and that we are doing now. It is also a place the devil loves to visit in order to dredge up those memory files and flaunt them in our faces, causing us to relive events over and over. Whenever we feel success or victory rise up in us, whenever we live a free moment, the enemy comes in and rummages around in our files and pulls something out. "Objection!" he cries in the courts of the Lord, "Objection! This one cannot enjoy your redemption, your hope or your joy! Just look at this!" He cries, waving your past sins and failures around for the Lord to see.

But here's the thing the enemy never seems to understand. Unlike the old law, the law of Moses, we don't need to return to the mercy seat every year for those sins. Under the precious blood of Jesus, shed for our sins, we can live a free life, separate from the memories kept in the cabinet. In fact, those memories are more like carbon-copies of the original, and since the original 'document' if you will, is covered with blood, it is unreadable and of no effect. The copy is for our records only, and can be forgotten just as surely as the original is in the eyes of God! With God's forgiveness and his blood applied in baptism, we can lock our cabinet and throw away the key! Eventually the carbon copy is faded and unreadable anyway, and even if the enemy DOES manage to dredge up our past, we can stand proudly and watch his OBJECTIONS GET OVERRULED! In the precious blood of Jesus is our safety, our deliverence, and our future. The devil doesn't get it, and that is why he is always living in our past! Move on in hope, groupmate! Rise up knowing that the original is under the blood and there is no objection recognized in the courts of redemption!

In Love,

Elder Mark and Sister Dana