Youth Camp


Thy shoes [shall be] iron and brass; and as thy days, [so shall] thy strength [be]. Deuteronomy 33:25


We are in perilous times. Times it can seem like (or simply be) where our family is abandoning us, our friends ridicule us, our companions don't understand us. Sometimes it seems we are just plodding through mud, dragging ourselves from church meeting to church meeting. It can seem as though we are standing alone. Having heard from so many of you we know this to be true. But we will tell you this: YOUR SHOES ARE IRON AND BRASS. The enemy you walk on is being CRUSHED under the weight of the God that is within you! What you are walking through is being kept from touching you by the STRENGTH of the covering on your feet!

Your feet are shod with the preparation of the Gospel of peace! Your days may seem hard but your strength is great enough to carry you over the muddy trails, to keep the filth of sin from sticking to your spirit. YOU CAN MAKE IT! God is your GOD and he is THE MOST HIGH GOD. As you walk, learn that you do not need to tenderly place your steps, or be afraid of what is hidden in the murky situation. Clarity and strength of character are going to hold you to him through his own Spirit and YOU WILL COME OUT ON TOP, CLEAN and HOLY.

Be encouraged today to know that God is aware and alive IN your situation and YOUR SHOES ARE TOO STRONG FOR THE ENEMY TO PENETRATE!

In Love,

Elder Mark and Sister Dana