Youth Camp

Temptation VS Sin

Here are some differences between Temptation and Sin:

Temptation makes you THINK you have done wrong. Sin: you HAVE done wrong.

Temptation screams in your MIND. Sin screams in your BODY.

Temptation needs RESISTANCE. Sin needs REMITTANCE.

Temptation: You'll never be free of it. Sin: You can live a SIN-FREE life.

Temptation makes you FEEL weak before God. Sin MAKES you weak before God.

Tmeptation is a TEST OF FAITH. Sin means you have FAILED the test.

Temptation leads you to a wrong decision. Sin means you have already made it.

There is no life free from temptation, but you can overcome it. God has made a way of escape that you may be able to bear it. But, if you cave in and commit a sin, God has also made a remedy for that.

Realize you are being tempted and you can defeat it. Repent from sin and you can defeat that too! We can live in Victory thru the blood of Jesus Christ!

God Bless you,

Elder Mark