Hungry For Holiness Men's Fellowship

A Drawing Spirit

And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all [men] unto me. John 12:32

Friends, there are two types of drawing seen in the Bible. The first kind is a physical movement, pulling us up and alongside people and things. The other, the type we are looking at today is a spiritual drawing, a pulling if you will, that moves your heart toward or away from God or men. God has a drawing Spirit. That Spirit pulls at us and moves us into place in Him, and in his will. It places us where we need to be to receive of him, or move in him. We want to pull men, to affect them in this day in age. The Word tells us of the hardness of men and the great falling away. Some accept that we are seeing the final blows of this time, and the preparation of nature for the return of Jesus Christ! It will take more than just words to pull men to Christ in this day, as evil waxes and good wanes. It will take a DRAWING SPIRIT. It will take a constant lifting of Jesus Christ in your life EVERY DAY, in and out of the presence of men.

Here are some elements of that drawing spirit that will help you be a soul winner in this hard time: PRAYER - Season all things with prayer. FAITH - Faith moves the hand of God. HOLINESS - Separate your mind and heart and life unto God and set an example of Godliness before men. LOVE - Don't be a doormat, but be a doorway, overlooking the minor and focusing on the longterm and major effects of YOUR response. PATIENCE, KINDNESS AND ALL THE FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT - Begin to develop your own spiritual garden and become the man or woman that constantly works on their drawing power. The further and deeper you are in GOD, the more pull you will have, as no man comes to the Father but by him! These are the days when the sanctified will shine and men will see the light through your life! Pray for a DRAWING SPIRIT and be a soul winner for Christ!

In love,

Elder Mark and Sister Dana