Hungry For Holiness Men's Fellowship

Coming Soon....


Hungry for Holiness Men's Fellowship will be expanding friends!  We are preparing to host our first NATIONAL MEN'S CONFERENCE and releasing a monthly newsletter aimed at you, the Man of the Hour!

We want you to participate with us men.  We know there are broken men, wounded men, angry men, and men seeking direction.  But there are also powerful men, true men, standing men who can be a mentor to those listed before.  Men who can help us restore fellowship and truth to these men who need God's love and truth to help them stand on their own two feet again.  Believe me when I tell you men, I can relate to being broken, wounded and lost!  BUT GOD IS FAITHFUL!  GOD IS ALIVE AND GOD LOVES YOU!  We can stand together.  In fact, if we don't pull together we are bound to pull apart.

Stand ready and standby to receive a new word, a new hope and to help participate in the growth and direction of our programs! 

In Love,

Elder Mark Neddeau