Kingdom Concepts radio program PODCAST featuring Brother Keith Fields and Mark Neddeau.  Our discussion on the true reason for the season and our need to focus on the cross and the love of God.  ENJOY AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!

The Difference between us and them!

We want to congratulate you for joining us here at Apostolics Unite!  We here at Called to The Ministry believe one thing very deeply...THESE ARE THE ENDTIMES!  We are in the midst of trumpet blasts even as we speak.  God always seems to answer us at the last minute, when everything seems lost, He seems to break thru and deliver us.  He even says in the scripture that he will come at the last trumpet sound.  So, we are not discouraged when things go against us.  I'm sure you have that kind of faith as well. 

But, we are not like a lot of groups you may have encountered in your travels.  I have been in the Apostolic Faith since 1984, during a time when I served in the military.  I received the Holy Ghost through the Full Gospel Business Men's Meeting in Presque Isle, Maine, many months before becoming baptized and sealed in Jesus Name, through a United Pentecostal Church under the pastoral leadership of Peter Frazier.  Since that time I have been instructed by the likes of the McCools, the Robinsons, Lee Stoneking, Allen Oggs, and many more.  I have met these men personally, and sat under their preaching at various times and in sundry places, as they say.  I have preached numerous revivals in several states and seen God move in miraculous ways.  So when I tell you we are not like a lot of groups you meet I mean this:  I believe the Word of God and the truth of God comes in many forms.  I believe he has many sheep in his pasture, and that the fruit of the truth needs to be viewed like a grapevine. 

Grapevines produce millions of different sized grapes, each with the flavor of the vine they are part of and each can be equally delicious.  However, on each vine there is also those parts of the fruit that just don't ripen, or that rot in place.  Naturally, you don't eat those parts, you discard them.  BUT, you don't throw away the entire vine just because of a piece that didn't suit the need, or that fell short of being ripe.  What are you talking about, Brother Mark, you say?  Just this:  I was always taught that a half-truth is a whole lie.  That trinitarians and others like them had no truth in them and so you were to avoid them, and not fellowship with them, and certainly not listen to them.  But, I have news for you.  You must begin to believe your own preaching and teaching!  ALL things come from God.  ALL.  There may be a damaged filter in the way when it comes to getting to you, but that doesn't mean the word you are hearing has NO merit.  It simply means you need to be more selective in what you receive.  YOU HAVE THE HOLY GHOST.  YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE A DIRECT SPIRITUAL CONNECTION TO GOD.  That means that when you hear music that is not anointed, music let's say from a trinity choir, YOU should still feel God if the words move your mind closer to HIM!  It should be YOUR anointing filling the room and shedding light on those who don't have it!  DON'T AVOID THESE SITUATIONS because you don't think God will be there!  BRING GOD INTO IT!  Have enough faith to believe that God will meet you in it. 

I'm not talking about walking into a bar here, I'm talking about occasionally worshipping with those who truly love GOD but just fall a little short in their understanding!  DON'T YOU HAVE ENOUGH FAITH IN YOUR WALK TO NOT LET THEM SWAY YOU?  I know, I know, Solomon; right?  Please understand this all the way thru and pray over it.   I'm not advising you to join a trinitarian church and try to sway them, or attend regular services, or even build a strong relationship with trinity believing folks...BUT I can tell you from personal, first hand experience that GOD CAN MOVE THEIR HEARTS IF YOU WILL JUST OPEN YOURS.  Don't tell me you have never heard of Max Lucado, or Norman Vincent Peale?  They are NOT apostolic, but are they wrong?  Not about can glean wisdom from them.

Just recently, in Youngstown, Ohio, there was a baptist church translated into the apostolic faith because our Bishop had the foresight to invite their musicians to participate in a special service he was hosting.  He continued to befriend them, to use them in music ministry from time-to-time.  Eventually, he was asked to preach.  Bishop McCoy never waivered and NEVER came without the One God, Jesus Name message.  NOW, THAT ENTIRE CHURCH IS BAPTIZED IN JESUS NAME, AND OPERATING UNDER THE COVER OF HIS MINISTRY!

I want you to consider that Jesus told us two things of great importance.  Things you can find with but simple study of the Word.  In fact, I will give you the key words you can use to find the scriptures yourself:  Jesus said : "Go ye therefore, into all the world, baptizing them and teaching them to observe ALL that I have instructed you."  He also said "I have sheep not of this fold, that ye know not of."

There is truth out there that you are denying yourself.  You will find some of that truth here and I hope you will open your heart to it.  It may open doors to you that you have never seen before, and pathways you never thought you would walk down.

In Love,

Elder Mark Neddeau - Called to The Ministry

I'm not your Pastor

One of the aims of this website is to give apostolics the world over an opportunity to fellowship, share their word, and perhaps get encouraged.  With the large volume of websites and word dedicated to the oneness movement, we prayed about how to be best used as a resource.  Most, perhaps all, of the oneness websites out there are dedicated to a particular organization.  They propogate at the very least their belief systems and organizational position.  This website is an independent effort not bound by any single organizational structure, though we are part of Apostolic Ministries, Inc., a strong organization and strongly support organization and structure both.  Hence you will see the influence of many organizations here, along with the experiences and learnings of nearly 25 years in the apostolic faith.   

However, It is our position that we need to move past our organizational boundaries and into activation of the unity of faith.  That means that while we hold to our apostolic roots, we avoid the various organizational loopholes and traps that keep us bickering among ourselves.  We activate our faith and spiritual understanding in order to UNITE and become effective in our work.  I am not your pastor.  I am not called to school you in your organization's beliefs, standards, or heirarchy.  But I can tell you this; Jesus is returning for his CHURCH.  He is not returning for your fellowship card.  I am urging apostolics everywhere to join with us here and give us the chance to hear your word, share ours with you, and lead each other into deeper understanding.  This way we will learn together, unify ourselves, and be just a little closer to presenting the church that Jesus is coming for.

In Love,

Elder Mark and Sister Dana Neddeau