The Brides of Christ

Holiness and a Woman

The question of holiness and its application to women often comes up in our circles.  Unfortunately, more often than not, it is a matter of some heated debate.  There are scriptures (which I will leave for you to discover) that deal with holiness, men, women and their respective roles in the church.  I have studied these out and want to share my opinion with you. 

Holiness according to the scriptures is first and foremost an attitude of servitude.  It is a personal and internal decision to separate from your past and sinful life, friends and associates, and pursue a life dedicated to the submission and service unto God.  This decision is a deeply personal one, one that you will ultimately have to answer for before God.  I personally do not feel that holiness is a matter of dress, though I also prefer to be a lady and dress accordingly.  I also do not cut my hair.  It is my covering and glory according to my own personal belief and desire.  I simply like long feminine hair.  However, I recognize that there are organizations possessing what we call "standards of holiness", of which a particular manner of style and dress apply.  In realizing that the scriptures are first a matter of spirit and second an application of body,  HOW WE DRESS IS A MATTER OF SHOWING FORTH OUR HOLINESS, NOT BEING HOLY ITSELF!

Having said that, I am not one who disagrees with a lady looking like a lady.  I also will not and cannot judge a lady for dressing as she would.  I do not know her heart.  I do not know her conditions.  What do you do with a woman who must wear a uniform to perform her job and supply the needs of her children?  Surely there are saved women in the military or the post office, or the medical professions.  What do you do with a cancer victim, or a cultural status that affects a women's hair?  How do you judge a lady who is holy in heart, attitude, and function, simply because she looks different than you believe she should?

I do not wish to seem contentious, and no doubt there are those reading this that will strongly disagree.  However, I must not place myself in God's position.  If you or your organization practice a physical standard of holiness, more power to you.  However, if you do not, and you still feel God's presence and God's worth, keep on in your walk, separated unto God and his purpose, and simply be honest with yourself and your creator.  Romans 14:1-2 talks of this very issue...letting God be the judge while you support each other for the sake of peace and the gospel!  God's WORD is open to all and there is but one interpretation, though many applications.  You will discover the truth for yourself, and I must not assume the role of judge in your walk, only the role of guide in opening the scriptures to you.

Go in God, recognizing that there are many different persons, personalities, and understandings in this wide world, and that you and I do not possess the knowledge for all.  God knows our hearts, and we must practice our faith as God leads.  To that end, I salute those who take a more conservative stand, and also support those who live a holy life, whether in a standard of organization, or a heartfelt attitude of service.

 In Love,

Sister Dana Neddeau