The Word of Life


Dear Friends,

Jesus has a specific and singular plan of salvation. We do not disagree on that. However, we have a number of disagreements between groups about "standards of holiness" (how we demonstrate our inward holiness, not holiness itself), operations of gifts, organizational heirarchy, etc. These are legalistic arguments in nature. The fundamental and binding fact is that we who are baptized in Jesus Name and filled with the Holy Ghost are all APOSTOLIC. We all serve a living God whom we have come to believe is named Jesus! There is no fracture there. We all baptize in Jesus name, we all evidence the Holy Ghost through speaking in other tounges, we all believe the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost operate in 3 separate functions, yet are ONE. SO WHY, CHURCH FRIENDS, SHOULDN'T WE FELLOWSHIP? Why the division? Why is THEOLOGY taking the place of UNITY OF FAITH? Read EPHESIANS chapter 4! Read ROMANS 14!

I have seen, personally with my own eyes, as a preacher and layman, apostolic churches who were just a street apart not even taking the time to support one another! Jesus is not coming for your congregation alone! Who else will be in the kingdom? Please realize that Jesus has many in his mansion, JOHN 10:16.

Yes, this is hard, but it is RED MEAT TIME. I am asking you to check your fellowship card at the door, share with us your depth and your insight, and allow US to do the same with you! Who knows, we may all learn something new! We love the faith, and we love those who love it, too! But it is time to move past organizations and into activation in the Spirit realm. God is coming for a UNITED FRONT, NOT JUST A UNITED ORGANIZATION!

We encourage you - especially pastors - to re-evaluate your position if you have been forsaking the assembling of yourselves together with people of like precious faith. It is possible, even necessary, for us to begin to realize that we can AGREE IN DOCTRINE, while DISAGREEING ON THEOLOGICAL points!


Now, a bit of salve, YOU ARE DOING AN INCREDIBLY HARD THING, SERVING GOD IN THIS PRESENT WORLD. But, you don't have to do it alone! We love the fellowship and anointing that you as an apostolic can bring! Just bring it, don't lock it up for your membership, open the door to our love and hope and give us love and hope back.

God Bless you,

Elder Mark and Sister Dana Neddeau