The Word of Life



Dear Friends,


The link above leads to my new book - 'WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT'. It is 30 Bible studies of faith that will help you continue in God and learn how to know God's voice. We hope you will purchase this book. It is a labor of love and a full 10% of all proceeds will go to supporting the much-needed HOMELESS SHELTER in Presque Isle, Maine, my hometown.  

We have been so blessed by your patronage here, and as you know we never ask for support for this website. But I have written Words of Encouragment with the hope that you will share it as a gift for someone who may need to be uplifted, or as a tool to keep someone focused on God.

We truly believe that God loves you! We also believe that his true Church is coming out through the struggles of life. To that end, we offer our first printed effort at support against spiritual strife. May God richly bless you, and thank you for supporting your administrator's ministries here in Maine and around the world!


In Love,


Elders Mark and Dana Neddeau