The Word of Life


And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit; EPH. 5:18



     Take a glass. Put some rocks in it then pour water in all the way to the top. Ask yourself: "Is the glass filled?" The answer of course will be "YES". But that's not the real question. The true focus needs to be on WHAT the glass is filled with. Having rocks in the bottom keeps the glass from being full of water. That is the same issue as having the spirit of God in our lives. We can be "filled", but if you mix the world with the church you will never be TRULY filled. You will always have gaps in the midst of your faith, your prayer life, your joy, your peace. You will not have the fulness of JOY spoken of by the apostles.

      Take a moment to ask yourself "How full am I really?" Examine yourself and be honest. Are there shortcomings you have yet to conquer? Do you have "little" sins you repent of on an almost daily basis? How FULL are you really? Paul said it: "Be FILLED with the SPIRIT". So many Christians see great things in God but never rise to the FULNESS God has for them because of the little stones in their glass.   

       Back in the day when I evangelized I studied to get a word for Churches. It worked, and God moved, but I never let the words settle FULLY in when I study I share as God leads, and KEEP the things meant for me! I am truly FILLED!   In the first example I was a TUBE - pouring the spirit THROUGH me. Now, I am a CUP - POURING THE SPIRIT OUT OF ME! I AM FULL TO OVERFLOWING - THE STONES ARE REPLACED WITH MORE OF HIM.We urge you today to remove the stones and get filled. Become a CUP and let God have His way. We pray you will discover just how FULL FILLED CAN BE.

In Love,


Elders Mark and Dana Neddeau