Called To The Ministry

I'm not your Pastor

One of the aims of this website is to give apostolics the world over an opportunity to fellowship, share their word, and perhaps get encouraged.  With the large volume of websites and word dedicated to the oneness movement, we prayed about how to be best used as a resource.  Most, perhaps all, of the oneness websites out there are dedicated to a particular organization.  They propogate at the very least their belief systems and organizational position.  This website is an independent effort not bound by any single organizational structure, though we are part of Apostolic Ministries, Inc., a strong organization and strongly support organization and structure both.  Hence you will see the influence of many organizations here, along with the experiences and learnings of nearly 25 years in the apostolic faith.   

However, It is our position that we need to move past our organizational boundaries and into activation of the unity of faith.  That means that while we hold to our apostolic roots, we avoid the various organizational loopholes and traps that keep us bickering among ourselves.  We activate our faith and spiritual understanding in order to UNITE and become effective in our work.  I am not your pastor.  I am not called to school you in your organization's beliefs, standards, or heirarchy.  But I can tell you this; Jesus is returning for his CHURCH.  He is not returning for your fellowship card.  I am urging apostolics everywhere to join with us here and give us the chance to hear your word, share ours with you, and lead each other into deeper understanding.  This way we will learn together, unify ourselves, and be just a little closer to presenting the church that Jesus is coming for.

In Love,

Elder Mark and Sister Dana Neddeau